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We step in where central education fails

Here's an example of how you have helped children in a high school project.

Learning strategies

At Kfar HaNoar HaDati high school D, who is 16, told our volunteer, Leah Rottenshtreich, that a few months ago she was given a psycho-didactic assessment, subsidized by the Talia Trust. Recently she took part in the learning strategies course the Talia Trust finances in memory of Barrie Greenson z.l.(as described in the December 2022 newsletter).

D had been assessed because she has difficulty with language learning and suffers from attention and concentration difficulties. She was disorganized and had always needed guidance to fulfil academic tasks .

The immediate result of the course is that now D feels less pressurized. By following the methods taught in the course, D is already more comfortable and successful when solving exam questions.

The Talia Trust was founded for children just like D. We are so glad to know that she is already feeling more positive about her studies and wish her much success.

See our next blog for another example.

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