March 2020

Jeremy Hyman writes:

Almost without notice, 20 March has arrived. Ranit and I were supposed to be, right now, in the midst of running the 10km at the annual Jerusalem Marathon. It's been 4 years since we both ran this far. Last time, I set an ambitious time target and so I quickly ran ahead of Ranit. Beyond the scenery and the special atmosphere of the Jerusalem Marathon, this race has become a kind of memorial event for my late sister Talia, who was killed in a car accident 15 years ago.
Every year we run in the Jerusalem Marathon, we, and other good and dear friends, donate to the Talia Trust for Children, founded by Talia's parents in her memory, fundraising for children with learning difficulties from disadvantaged families. The Jerusalem Marathon is a high point in donations to the Talia Trust and much of its activity relies on donations collected during this period by good people running with T-shirts of the Talia Trust - both from their personal donations and from their friends' donations.
This year, this significant source of income has been eliminated. I call here to those who are financially capable, not to forget the needy, who will certainly not decrease during the Corona crisis, and donate as much as you can to the Talia Trust for Children.
You can donate easily and quickly on this link:
It is important to note that all members of the Talai Trust are volunteers.
We should share good news! Shabbat Shalom to you all

March 2020

Behind the scenes, Talia Trust volunteers are following up individual requests and visiting potential new projects.  In addition, with on-going projects, volunteers are checking the progress of applications and students' improvements. Meanwhile many Talia Trust volunteers have been busy training and raising funds for their entry in the Jerusalem Marathon. Now that the event has been postponed until October, fundraisers will be in touch with donors individually.


November 2019

Getting ready for 2020.

Join / support the Talia Trust Team in the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday 20 March 2020. More details will follow on our Talia Trust Facebook page and here on our website (Activities/Upcoming events) where you can also revisit highlights from previous marathons and other events (Past Events).

See David Fogel's run in 2019



September 2019

The Talia Trust Committee wishes a good and sweet New Year

to all our school partners, volunteers and friends.

Marilyn and Maurice Hyman,

Bryan Knobloch, Lynne Toubkin, Barrie Greenson,

Linda Yama, Linda Altshul, Stan Freeman
















March 27 2019

Jerusalem Marathon 2019

Pictures in Activities / Past Events







March 15 2019 (2)

Volunteers needed at Talia Trust stand at Jerusalem Marathon,15th March 2019, e.g. helping setting up, giving out food or t-shirts, cheering runners, organising photo shoots. Any time to suit you between 6.30.a.m.and 11.30 a.m.

Details from Marilyn,

UK Donations through







March 5 2019

Dear Family and friends,

We shall be holding the hascara for Talia z'l, on her yarzeit which falls this year  on Tuesday,  28th Adar II, 5th March . As in previous years we shall meet at her grave in Tel Regev, according to the details below. We have planned it this year at 16:30 p.m.

We of course understand if you are unable to attend but we know you would still like to be informed.


Maurice & Marilyn

אזכרה במלאות ארבע עשרה שנים
למותה בטרם עת של יקירתנו
טליה אסתר היימן ז"ל
 בת מוריס ומרילין יל"א
 נעלה לקברה בבית העלמין החדש חיפה, "תל רגב", חלקה ג'
ביום  שלישי, כ"ח אדר תשע"ט, 5.3.19 בשעה  16:30.


March 15 2019 (1)

The Talia Trust Team runs in the Jerusalem Marathon for donations for our Projects.

Please support us.