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How to request help

information for parents and children


Requests from parents of children in Middle and High Schools

If you think you may be eligible to apply for a didactic or psycho-didactic assessment through the Talia Trust, please ask your child's school counselor, class/home room teacher or social worker to contact us directly through the email on this website. Recommend to him/her to read the information on the Hebrew site about applying for assessments.

If you would first prefer to speak to us directly, please write to us via Contact Us in either English or Hebrew and we would be pleased to discuss the matter further with you.

Requests from parents of children in primary schools

The Talia Trust has a small number of remedial teaching projects of various types for young children who probably suffer from specific learning difficulties and/or ADHD. Their purpose is to prevent frustration and lessen loss of self-confidence while teaching learning skills. These projects came about through the request of schools whose parents did not have the means to pay for extra remedial teaching. Any primary school can discuss a possible project with us.

Help us to help the children

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