2020-2021 (5781) School Year 

 Current Projects in Israel

Primary Schools

  • Rambam, Kiryat Shemona - Feuerstein Learning Enrichment

      method for small groups of 3rd and 4th graders (since 2010-11)


  • Givat Gonen, Jerusalem  - English remedial teaching (since 2016-7)​

  • Ephraim Zemach, Tirat Carmel. Hebrew and Mathematics

       remedial  for small groups in 2nd to 4th grade

      (NEW project in a school where we had a 3 year project in the past)


  • Jabotinsky, Bet Shemesh -  Remedial reading for 2nd grade

       (third year of projects in school)


Middle and High Schools

  • Ye'adim, Kfar Bialik – assessment tests (since 2011-12)


  • Nirim, Bustan HaGalil - assessment tests (since 2013-14)

  • Kfar Hanoar, Kfar Hassidim - assessment tests (since 2014-15)

  • Ulpanat Segula, Kiryat Motzkin - assessment tests

      (since 2017-18)

  • Atid Tsur Yam, Haifa – assessment tests (since 2017-18)

  •  ORT Ulpanit Tiberias -  assessment tests (since 2019)

  •  Amit Kennedy Acre /Akko - assessment tests (since 2019)

  • Special cases -Several individual assessments annually on application and proof of need by schools or social workers from all over the country.


  • Levinson High School Kiryat Yam - assessment tests


  • Grants for children to participate in the Dead Sea Summer

       Camp run by the Israel Society for Psoriasis (since 2017)


Current projects in UK

  • Club Tikva, Manchester - after school groups for

       children on autistic and ADHD spectra (since 2011)

  • Beit Schvidler School, London - Individual art therapy 

      for children with specific learning difficulties (since 2018)

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