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2022-2023 (5783) School Year

Current Projects in Israel

Primary Schools

The Talia Trust is now concentrating on assisting with

small group remedial teaching in the early years of

education. This provides young people who have

specific learning differences with the tools to engage

and succeed in their education.

  • Givat Gonen, Jerusalem  - English remedial teaching (since 2016-7)​​​

  • Jabotinsky, Bet Shemesh -  Remedial reading for 2nd grade

       (third year of projects in school)

  • Shirat Hayam, Kiryat Yam - group remedial work  (since 2021)



  • Matnas Neve Yosef, Haifa – after school remedial reading

       for second and third grade in community centre

  • Kfar HaNoar HaDati, Kfar Hassidim: Learning strategies course

      (Feuerstein Learning Enrichment  method) for small groups of

      10th grade students, in memory of Barrie Greenson z"l

Middle and High Schools

New Policy

Schools now have an open invitation to send applications

for assessments for individual students who have specific

learning differences /ADHD. This replaces the previous policy

of setting up a project with a set number of assessments.


 We have been recently receiving requests for new

assessments for students, particularly from the following schools


  • Ye'adim, Kfar Bialik – assessment tests (since 2011-12)

  • Nirim, Bustan HaGalil - assessment tests (since 2013-14)

  • Kfar Hanoar HaDati, Kfar Hassidim - assessment tests (since 2014-15)

  • Levinson High School Kiryat Yam - assessment tests (since 2020-2021)

  • Ulpanat HaGolan, Katsrin (occasional assessment test funding since 2017).

 Individual assessments annually on application

      -  and proof of need by schools or social workers

      -  from all over the country.

Current projects in UK

  • Club Tikva, Manchester - after school groups for

       children on autistic and ADHD spectra (since 2011)

  • Beit Schvidler School, London - Individual art therapy 

      for children with specific learning difficulties (since 2018)


Help us to help the children

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