Messages from grateful projects, students and friends 

(translations to follow)

January 2021

July 2020

July 2019 
We are receiving many responses to our recent Newsletter (see Previous Years' Newsletters)  about the final Graduation Ceremony at Tachkemoni Branco Weiss School Hadera. Here’s a sample of the messages.

India: “Although I understand the sentiments behind the words 'sad end ...', I believe the glorious 13+ years were a blessing and should remind us [of] all that was achieved in those years. Especially for those who would not have had the privilege and opportunity of your support..... Sometimes an end can become a source for a new beginning ...hoping that those who were [the] privileged to have received this support would in their time [to come] carry forward such a tradition for others” (Note from TT: High School recipients of help from the Talia Trust in return do volunteer work in their final school year) 
Northwood, Middlesex UK: “How sad that such wonderful achievement on the part of the teachers and with the support of the Talia Trust has to end due to municipal and political issues!  Such is life!”
London: “We are so sorry to read of the closure of the project. It must have been a very frustrating and emotionally painful experience. We can’t imagine what led the authorities to force this outcome but events often take an unexpected path. Wishing you ongoing success in your wonderful work”
Haifa:” I'm so sorry and sad to hear your news! ... I hope the knowledge that in memory of Talia you did so much good, will remain as some comfort for you.
Negev: Thank you so much for this report.   How sad it is when the wrong considerations lead to the wrong decisions!  But at least you and the Talia Trust have the pleasure and satisfaction of having helped so many young people find their right track and go on to a good life.     If only there were a few million Hymans in the country!  Kol ha Kavod! (Well done) 

June 2019

Ulpanit Segula 

Kiryat Motzkin

Translation below

Dear Marilyn and Maurice

You set up such a special project

That simply helps each and everyone.

Thanks to your funding assessments for us,

You opened a window to continue our future.

This investment for us in high school,

Gives us lots of strength.

Beginning to be granted accommodations for our Bagrut exams

Suddenly we feel confident,

Successful, invested in, and learning,

Something that had moved a bit away from us.

But you managed to move an obstacle from before us,

That had brought with it a burden.

And now, the material is not difficult,

And in class we learn in a different way.

In the evening we study hard

And every day we have special lessons.


So thank you very much for your generous donation

May HaShem send you prosperity, blessings and lots of happiness and love.

May you continue with your holy work,

To memorialize your daughter, Talia, through this legacy.

We really are appreciative

And words only dwarf our thanks.

10th grade girls, parents and staff.

Ulpanit Segula 2019





שלום רב קרן טליה

קוראים לי ד.ל., אני בן 17 ויש לי פסוריאזיס כבר כמה שנים.

אני גר ולומד בפנימייה שההורים שלי לא יכולים לטפל בי וזה משפיע עלי מאד

השתתפתי השנה בקיטנה שעשתה אגודת הפסוריאזיס וההורים שלא יכלו לממן את זה לא

הצטרכו לשלם, סיפרו לי שבזכות תרומה שלכם זה התאפשר ויכולתי להיות בקיטנה.

אני רוצה להודות לכם מאוד על מה שעשיתם, אני לא מכיר אותכם אבל אתם בטוח אנשים

נהדרים אם עזרתם לילד


Greetings Talia Trust.

My name is DL, I’m 17 years old and I’ve had psoriasis for several years. I live and study at boarding school because my parents cannot take care of me and it affects me very much.

I attended the Psoriasis Association summer camp this year although my parents couldn’t afford it.  They did not have to pay thanks to your donation.  I want to thank you very much for what you did. I do not know you but you must be wonderful people to give help to a child.