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Talia Trust Volunteers

  • Most of our volunteers in schools are younger retired people or people who do not work every day and so can visit during school hours.

  • Most are trained in education or social work or have a background in the social sciences.

  • They are mobile, active people who speak and understand Hebrew. They need to talk to school counselors by telephone and communicate with them by electronic media, as well as at the occasional school meetings.

  • They do not need to have former expertise in children with specific learning difficulties and/or ADHD, but should be open to reading about the subject.

Who are our Jerusalem Marathon volunteers?

  • A group of volunteers who organize every detail before the event, including collecting and sending out kits as necessary.

  • People who are able to arrive at the venue very early that morning to help set up the site. Later they staff the stand, distributing kits to runners before the races, and organizing groups for photographs that can be used for future publicity.

  • New volunteers are always needed and most welcome.


Who are our Occasional Events volunteers?

  • Talia Trust supporters and their friends who decide they want to hold a fund-raising event (See Past Events) in aid of the Talia Trust.

Help us to help the children

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