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Once a Talia Trust child: always a Talia Trust child

Students who receive an assessment funded by Talia Trust are promised further funding if they later apply for higher education. Jonathon now 25 wants to study for a degree after the army. He studied in Nirim and received an assessment from the Talia Trust at the age of 16. Jonathan has been promised a place at a prestigious university to do a double degree in law and psychology. He will still need to take his university exams under special conditions and we will help him to furnish proof of his need. As we say, "once a Talia Trust child, always a Talia Trust child". Jonathon has written to us: 'Wow, you made this a joyful holiday for me. I am happy that I was granted the assessment, thank you very much, without it I would not have been able to study 🙏🙏'

(photo shows Nirim students at school graduation.)

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