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Newsletter August 2021

Dear Talia Trust supporter

During the ongoing Covid and economic crisis, the demand for Talia Trust assistance has grown, with schools and individuals calling on us for more help.

We have received this moving letter from a young man who has just finished at Kfar HaNoar HaDati school in Kfar Hassidim.

"Thank you most sincerely for sponsoring the assessment test that has helped me so much in my studies....It was exactly what I needed...because I have attention deficiency and concentration problems. Now I only need to take my English exam later in the year as I have passed all the other subjects. I am really so grateful to you for your help to all the people who so need it." 

Here is the school's description of the student before he took the assessment test:
"An intelligent boy, talented, with many abilities...there is a big gap between his abilities and his achievements....needs a psycho-didactic assessment...the family's financial situation does not run to payment for this kind of test."
Thank you to those of you who have already responded to this Rosh Hashanah Appeal. (To those of you from the UK who received a posted appeal, I must explain that, due to Covid, no-one from the Israeli committee here was able to go this month on holiday to the UK as in previous years, so we had no  alternative than to post the letters from Israel).

To everyone else, let's remember that these children's journey from disappointment and frustration to success is in our hands.(Around 2500nis for each psycho didactic assessment test in Israel, about 1000nis per month for 4 young children to receive 8 hours remedial teaching in Israel or  £600 per term towards 10 hours remedial teaching  for 2 children in the UK.)

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year.
Marilyn Hyman and the Talia Trust committees of Israel and the UK

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