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Exactly five years ago Marilyn wrote about one of our continuing projects:

Teachers at Yeadim Technological High in Kfar Bialik (near Haifa) believe that every child can succeed. When we visited the school early this year, we were presented with a book written by members of the school's poetry group. "Sh" wrote:

Motivation doesn't come on its own.

You need to pull it towards you,

To persuade it to stay,

To insist it doesn't leave!

Believe me,                       

It is worthwhile insisting on it!                        

I didn't look after it,                       

And now I am paying the price.

The children who join the school have often lost their motivation to learn. They think they will never succeed, after being lost in large classes and failing exams for years. The school helps them rebuild their self-confidence and regain motivation. Once a student shows she/he is willing to try, the staff members request an educational assessment as a guide to how to help her/him best. The school takes the results of the assessment seriously, meeting with the specialist who has analyzed the results in order to follow her recommendations. 

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