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We are donating to help people suffering in this war

Talia Trust has received the long message below from Selah. As we told you in the previous blog, we are donating directly and speedily to Selah to assist those suffering in the war. DONATE NOW


Almost a month has already passed since the beginning of the war, and the Sela team, which includes employees, volunteers and therapists who are experts in culturally sensitive trauma care, is working tirelessly to provide assistance to the families of the immigrants affected by the war. in a very short Intensive time, we are exposed to many difficult cases, and are still exposed to them, almost on a daily basis. We have already supported and treated dozens of cases: we comforted families who lost their loved ones, sometimes families who lost more than one relative(!) - the sadness, grief and heartbreak are endless. - We visited the wounded in hospitals, some of them lone and brave soldiers who are now in the stages of healing or recovery. - We support the families of abductees, who are filled with feelings of severe worry and unbearable uncertainty. - We also visit and support immigrants who were evacuated from their homes and lost their entire world in one moment, even if without physical harm. They must adapt to a new situation and new challenges in all areas of their lives. They feel like refugees in their own country, without any knowledge of what the near and distant future holds for them. For these, Sela helps emotionally and logistically. - We receive many inquiries from people who suffer from a difficult mental condition: mainly anxiety and fear of the future. Sometimes the anxiety is really paralyzing, and makes it difficult to perform daily activities such as: leaving the house and doing shopping. Here is a look at some of the many cases: • We support the immigrant family whose daughter was murdered at a party in the south, the family is completely broken up and does not know how to move on... The Sela team supports and accompanies with great sensitivity. • Another family, in the south of the country: the mother of the family who was on her way home from night shifts at the workplace, encountered a group of terrorists who shot at her car and murdered her. The mother left 3 children and a spouse. • Another example: the father of the family died in tragic circumstances years ago, and now the mother and her children, a son and a brother - a soldier who fell in the war - have been lost. A second terrible disaster befalls this family. We hug and wrap them. The Sela team supports and accompanies the immigrants in this difficult period with great sensitivity, inclusion and empathy, encouraging, listening, embracing and serving, when necessary also practical support and the supply of basic equipment.

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