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April 2023 was crazy

April 2023 Update

Maurice writes: “Wow! Many, many thanks to all the 40 runners & over 100 supporters in the recent Jerusalem Marathon. It is always an amazing and exhilarating experience to join thousands of runners through the streets of Jerusalem, and then to realize that our small group in this event has so far managed to raise 27,000 shekels for our 5 Remedial Teaching projects for needy children throughout Israel. Finally, a special thanks is due to all those who helped to organize this event, particularly Lynn Golumbic, Linda Altshul, and Sam Ackerman. Through all your efforts, we are now able to give 70 children a better start in life.”

On a sad note, we regret to tell you of the untimely passing of Malka Hertstein who volunteered with us tirelessly for many years, in preparation of the annual Rosh HaShanah campaign every summer. We send our condolences to her husband, Dennis, and to her children. May her memory be for a blessing. We sincerely wish all our donors and readers "Chag Sameach", for whichever festival you celebrate.

The Talia Trust Committee members

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