Talia Trust for Children UK

Please note that this page is currently under construction and some information may need verifying.

Talia Trust for Children UK is the sister charity of the Talia Trust for Children Israel.  It  is a separate legal entity registered in the UK.

Talia Trust UK supports certain Israel and UK projects, which are decided on by the UK trustees following  detailed project requests made by  the Israel or UK Committees, as applicable.
Currently Talia Trust for Children UK runs two projects within the UK:

  • Club Tikva, Manchester - after school groups for children on autistic and ADHD spectra (since 2011)

  • Beit Schvidler School, London - Individual art therapy for children with specific learning difficulties (since 2018)

You can click on the links below to find out more about Talia Trust UK, as well as our work in Israel.

Administration:     administrator@taliatrust.org.uk
Finance: David     dposner@taliatrust.org.uk

Projects: Cynthia cblake@taliatrust.org.uk

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