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Announcement to all our UK Supporters

Talia Trust UK Major Changes

from April, 2023

Maurice Hyman

I would like to explain about major changes we have introduced from 1st. April 2023 

These changes became necessary following the untimely death last year of our former trustee, David Posner, z"l, Subsequently, we were unable to find a volunteer willing to take over all the financial and administrative aspects of the Talia Trust in the UK.  The trustees (Ian Abrahams, Cynthia Blake, Marilyn Hyman, and myself) therefore decided that it was no longer feasible to continue as a separate charity in the UK.

However, in order that our UK supporters will still be able to continue to support our Israeli activities, we have now arranged for you to continue to help us by clicking here where you will find detailed instructions.  


Thank you for your understanding,

Maurice Hyman  

Trustee  Talia Trust UK

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