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David Posner z"l


David Posner, z"l

Extract from Tribute to David Posner z"l by his daughter Lauren

Today was a special day. Me, mum, my aunt, and uncle were honored to be at Beit Shvidler Primary School for their morning assembly along with trustees of Talia Trust for Children UK.

Why’s this assembly different from all others? Today they dedicated a giant outdoor chess set and are putting up a plaque in memory of my dad, who dedicated a big part of his life to helping children with learning difficulties. 

A chess set was quite apt.… My dad loved chess . . . My dad had many different pieces to his life, and like in a game of chess where you are not allowed to speak/don’t speak, just play to win…my dad didn’t shout about what he did, and trust me he did a lot for others and many times put others before himself. My dad just got on with it in the background and it was always his pleasure to give his time. His ultimate winning goal, to help others to fulfill a better life and for their needs to be met...

Dad, when the kids at Beit Shvidler saw the chess set, the whole assembly shouted ‘wow’, then there were screams of excitement and clapping then lots of excited questions to the headmaster about their new chess set.

Dad in that moment I was so proud of you and I know you were smiling down, I never knew the extent of what you did but seeing the joy on the little kids faces, my heart melted and it brought tears to my eyes. I know now why you did what you did for all those years.

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