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Running in the Jerusalem Marathon for children who need help

March 2023 Update

Dear reader In a few days' time, our 2023 Jerusalem marathon participants will be running or walking to fund our four remedial programs for younger schoolchildren and one for older children. So far 40 runners plan to take part and wear our bright yellow Talia Trust t-shirts with the logo you can see printed above. Look out for them on March 17th.

You can see why they are running by clicking the link and watching our new short video.

This time the Talia Trust is concentrating on raising funds for small group remedial teaching. Our current primary school language projects are, from north to south: Shirat Hayam, Kiryat Yam - group remedial work in Hebrew for twelve 6 to 8year old (see the February 2023 Update below).

Matnas Neve Yosef, Haifa – after school remedial reading for ten 7 to 9 year olds (see January 2023 update below) in two groups, in a local community centre. Jabotinsky, Bet Shemesh - Hebrew reading and comprehension for 8 children aged 7-8 in two groups.(Featured in September 2022 newsletter) Givat Gonen, Jerusalem - English language group remedial teaching for ​​​twenty-three children aged 7-12.

Givat Gonen is our largest and longest-running remedial teaching project for young children. The school's population is still socio-economically very weak in the main. Parents cannot fund remedial teaching themselves and the school's budget is over-stretched. The course is dynamically taught by Dorit Shostak. We think that it is a most successful project . Since October, three of the children have progressed so fast that they have already rejoined their other schoolfriends, near the top of the class! In addition, as reported in December 2022, the Barrie Greenson learning strategies project at Kfar HaNoar Kfar Hassidim got off to a good start and the school hopes to continue it in the next school year. A group of freemasons plan to run in memory of Barrie z"l and to raise funds specifically for this project. Anyone able to sponsor our sportsmen, women and children, please use this link:

With sincere thanks Marilyn and all the Talia Trust committee

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