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Marilyn's March Newsletter

Big thanks go to the 9 Talia Trust supporters who decided to enter the Jerusalem Marathon at the beginning of this month, wearing our distinctive yellow shirts, to raise funds for the war-time emergency therapeutic treatment and small-group remedial teaching projects. Even though this year we were unable to organize an official team, Sagi Har-el with his sons, Itamar and Eitan, Julian Wood and Elaine Granat-Wood, Michael Knobloch, as well as the intrepid freemasons- Tony Suckerman,Asher Samuels & Ron Melichson- all took part in the various distances and did a great job raising over 6,000 shekels towards our emergency projects.

Julian wrote:The weather was great for the event! Cool to start with but it did warm up.

Meanwhile the new projects are going well.

We are pleased to report that 8 children in Yeadim School who are sufferimg from acute anxiety, sparked by the tense uncertain situation here, are  being helped individually, depending on their needs, either by a psychologist or through animal therapy . These are children in regular education, aged between 15 and 17. Let us hope that they and all children here manage to experience some joy this Purim.

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