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Emergency Aid to help terror victims

Dear Friends Just a few days ago we received the following urgent message from a generous overseas donor: Can I make a donation to your charity for those in need from the war and you disburse it as you see fit? There are countless people in need and this way you can act immediately. His large donation has now reached us and we we have already passed it on to SELAH (see below) as he requested, in agreement with him.

He turned to the Talia Trust because the minimum is swallowed into administration and monies are passed on, after necessary checks into validity and due process of the recipients.

At this critical junction in the fate of our country, many of you have asked us if we could help them help children and their families who are suffering at this very moment . Because of the special regulations that pertain at extreme times of crisis, charities here are allowed to temporarily change specific aims, while keeping within the general area of their interest.

We have therefore decided to raise 100,000 shekels ($25,000) and plan to support the following two charities:

  • "Selah provides immediate, urgent, emotional and practical assistance to new immigrants who have experienced the harshest tragedies, acute crises and lack resources to cope." We know this nationwide charity well and can vouch for its credibilty and wonderful work.They write " We need to finance enough professional social workers to support all the families in need (there are dozens and many more are expected to be referred to us). We need to pay for transportation, food , basic necessities, therapeutic sessions, mourning expenses, medical equipment, rent expenses for families who moved from the south to the center..."

  • The AMIT educational network- is aiming to provide a laptop for every teacher in Sderot who has been evacuated without a computer, from all the city's educational networks. Residents were required to evacuate hastily, with minimal equipment, and are scattered throughout the country. As a result it is extremely difficult for many of the teachers to keep in touch with their school-students and maintain an emergency routine of distance learning with them. (The children can use their parents' or their own mobile phones for online lessons).Once the war is over, the laptops would be passed to the schools for use of their students.

Please send your donations NOW to the Talia Trust and we will quickly move them to where there is need currently. Hoping and praying for better news. Marilyn, Maurice and all the committee

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