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Traumatic evacuation

Marilyn writes: The principal at our former project in Kiryat Shemona has just told me about the complex problems her school's evacuated population (146 six to twelve year olds) is enduring. They are now scattered throughout the country in 23 different schools from Tiberias to Eilat(!), with no foreseeable date of return home. The most unsettled and disorganized group is temporarily living in Tiberias.

The principal has asked our help to find manpower, such as retired teachers and therapists, so that she can organize small group remedial teaching as well as emotional therapy for these children, on the model I describe below. If you have friends in the area who can help or know others who can, please ask them to contact me as soon as possible on 04-8255655 or

Effective group work and therapy

At the end of December we told you about the request for emotional support for young children in Kiryat Yam, near Haifa. The group sessions have begun with four in each group.The deputy principal says  comments by these scared pupils in reaction to the current national situation made her realize the necessity of beginning this project right away.  The trauma treatment is already proving effective in helping the children cope with the present situation in the country.  It works on acquiring tools for coping with their emotions and building up confidence to manage their fears.

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