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Our school children are progressing!

Reading levels

The recently released PIRLS international reading assessment results show that Israeli 10 year olds' reading level last year dropped dramatically, even compared to other countries. Currently the Talia Trust has 4 reading projects, three in Hebrew and one in English.

Here is an example of how you have helped children in a project for primary school children at a community centre.

Orly Zalikovich, our volunteer monitors our project for the seven to eight year olds who have been coming to our after-school Hebrew reading course for young school children at the Neve Yosef community centre, Haifa. The course has been running for 6 months . Orly says that the second grade children are working on accurate reading and comprehension.

In this photo, S and M are learning singular and plural, with an emphasis on exceptions to the rule.

Orly was amazed to hear from the project's teacher, Hiba'at, about one little boy, Y (not pictured):

"His classroom teacher described him as "stupid", his school was thinking of moving him to special education. He is an intelligent child who has developed this year, has become sociable and independent, though he is still catching up on first grade material."

At last Y is learning to read, thanks to the Talia Trust.

Hopefully our course will continue next year, too, and Y will reach his class-mates' level.

The Talia Trust is happy to give him the extra help not available at his school and appreciate the individual help to the children from our volunteer,Esther Bibas.

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